Welcome to Cambridge Sensoriis, radar solutions for the autonomy revolution. We offer radar that is …

Highly effective in all conditions.

Sensitive, high resolution and long range.

Small and lightweight.

Low powered.

Easy to install.

That means no impact on flight or journey times, load carrying, or performance.

Whether it’s for a drone, vehicle, industrial automation, or to help protect critical infrastructure, our unique RadarAware systems ensure collision avoidance, and effective and efficient working.

We have more than 25 years’ experience developing and delivering critical radar detection systems across the world.

Technology pioneered by us identifies vehicles stopped on motorways, and is used in the UK, Australia, Norway and Sweden.

RadarAware provides a hardware and software solution for all your needs.

It’s long range, high resolution, and sensitive enough to detect small objects such as electricity wires.

Supported by Innovate UK, and part of the government’s Future of Flight Challenge, we’ve already raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in seed funding.

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We’re proud to announce a partnership with Creative Warehouse, a Cambridge-based business communications consultancy.

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