Military Logistics

Sensoriis ARC-LocateTM radars enable a last mile resupply drone, or ground vehicle, to locate the endpoint of a mission within centimetres, without the need for satellite positioning or inter-communication between drone and endpoint.  ARC-LocateTM also supports the return of the drone to the resupply point or hub.

In the case of Naval resupply, ARC-LocateTM can locate and enable the return of the drone to the ship which may have moved during the mission, again without satellite positioning and then ARC-Landing™ can support resilient localisation, especially during the critical approach and landing phases of the drone, and automated landing.

This proprietary and patented technology, known as Active Radar Cooperating or ARCTM, provides a localisation capability based upon direct radar range measurement, that is independent of satellites and resilient to jamming mechanisms.   The system is designed for high visibility between one or more compatible ARCTM radars. 

Each ARCTM device is configured with a unique code that is reported over the radar carrier frequency.  An ARC primary radar on a drone or Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) will report the range, bearing and elevation to other ARC secondaries, located on the ground or vessel, whilst ignoring all radar reflections from background infrastructure. 

The micro radar has no moving parts and has fully electronically controlled antennas arrays in a Small Weight and Power package suitable for battery power.

Radar is largely unaffected by poor visibility, lighting, and bad weather, unlike camera-based localisation.   The ARC-Locate™ micro radar is extremely resilient to counter measures that defeat satellite positioning systems and supports ‘default silent’ technology as the ARC radars remain silent, non-transmitting, until interrogated by a compatible radar in a recognised encoded band. This is particularly important in military deployments where electronic radio stealth is required such as in Emissions Control (EMCON) environment.

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