Power Line Inspections

Sensoriis provides both aerial and ground-based radar solutions that enhance safety and efficiency, providing accurate situational awareness and helping to accelerate the integration of drone operations into everyday life.

Resilient drone operation over long distances, in changeable weather, requires robust onboard sensing.  Our RadarAware micro radar enables a drone to detect objects in the flight path, whether in the air or ground based.   Wherever there are potential hazards like trees, power lines, birds or other aircraft and drones in flight, an effective, robust, and reliable avoidance strategy is required.

RadarAware RA1000 is a robust, all weather onboard air-to-air radar that detects obstacles and prevents accidents through collision with cables, infrastructure, trees, non-cooperating drones, birds, and light aircraft.   The RA1000 micro radar enables a drone to detect objects in the flight path, whether in the air or ground based. It includes no moving parts, has electronic beam-steer antennas arrays, and is designed for the low Size Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements of civil Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS).

As well as measuring the relative position of potential obstacles, the radar also directly measures relative velocity. This could prevent course changes being initiated if objects in the flight path are detected but are already moving away from the UAS.  These advantages of RadarAware allow for automated drones to be flown ‘Beyond Visual Line of Sight’. UAS system operators, specialised in power line or railway track inspections, can gather close-quarter data assessing for corrosion and other maintenance needs

Current inspections and maintenance work is often carried out from helicopters, or locally controlled drones, which is labour intensive and expensive. Our radar system significantly reduces survey costs by supporting long flying missions, detecting potential obstacles while in flight, without the oversight of a ground-based pilot, and provides safety and peace of mind during such operations.

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