Wherever there are potential hazards like rooftop antenna, cranes, trees, or other aircraft in flight, an requires an effective, robust, and reliable avoidance strategy.

Our RadarAwareTM RA1000 micro radar enables air-to-air and air-to-ground surveillance, allowing a an UAS to detect objects in the flight path, whether in the air or ground based, and supports EVLOS (extended visual line of sight) and BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) flights. 

It includes no moving parts, has fully electronic beam-steer antennas arrays, and is designed to suit the low Size Weight and requirements of civil UAS.  As well as measuring the relative position of potential obstacles, the radar also directly measures relative velocity. This could prevent course changes being initiated if objects in the flight path are detected but are already moving away from the UAS.

Radar is ideally suited for long range detection performance, large field of view covering the direction of flight, in all weather conditions, day or night, and is barely affected by fog, dust, bright sunlight or night-time operation.

Detected objects can instantly be relayed to onboard flight controllers for automatic avoidance control. Alternatively, when there is a risk of a collision the relative location of all obstacles can be sent by the UAS datalink to on-ground flight controllers. Alternatively, RadarAware could be used for ground-to-air surveillance such as in the case of vertiports, where the radar supports localised airspace management and support for landing pad automation.

The Radar measures point cloud and clustered objects, and The Radar interfaces to 3rd party flight controllers through the Sensoriis Application Programming Interface (API) and this allows for smooth integration with the and UAS.

The RA1000 is in development and so please contact us for availability at info@cambsensoriis.com

Power Lines Inspections

Services Power Line Inspection v2

Resilient drone operations over long distances, in changeable weather, requires robust onboard sensing.   Our RadarAware micro radar enables a drone to detect objects in the flight path, whether in the air or ground based.  

Airspace management within a vertiport

Services Vertiports

Advanced situational awareness of the immediate airspace of a vertiport, enables a safe, efficient, scalable, and resilient infrastructure, to enable the transport of goods and people from ground to air and vice versa.

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