Sensoriis’ high frequency 3D radar incorporates a novel phase array antenna and beamforming technology.

It’s implemented into a small, low weight physical package, suitable for supporting unmanned systems in the air and on the ground.

High resolution measurements of a few centimetres over a wide field of view are possible, with detection to a range of hundreds of metres.

Reporting over ethernet, the radar detects objects including people, cars, trees and unmanned aerial vehicles.

An application programmers’ interface (API) is also available.

Our software is configurable in flight through the API to switch between higher sensitivity and resolution at short range, long-range reduced resolution, or faster frame updates over a reduced sector size.

It’s also robust, with fully electronic beam-steer antennas arrays and no moving parts.

Sensoriis’ 4D beamforming radar measures full spatial position, as well as velocity.

Polarimetry measurements also add resilience to decisions within autonomy about the nature of an object being detected eg. either human, or similar sized structure, and distinguishing between direct and multipath reflections.